Company Profile

In 1978 Kamsan established to provide services in the fields of mould, apparatus and machinery manufacturing, has become a leading example for industry.
Kamsan committed to combine its 37 years of experience with Latest technology and innovations while providing its customers top quality and most effective solutions,
Kamsan moved to its new location in 2004 which buitt in 5000m2 area and has 2000m2 closed area. Kamsan continuously improve capacity in order to provide faster and more efficient solutions to its domestic and abroad customer We continuousty question our methods, quality and efficiency, and we always try to improve ourselves.

About quality

KAMSAN’s quality management, KAMSAN has the capacity to provide Continuous service and solutions better than expected.

On the other hand applying effective system policy and bringing continuous improvements customer satisfaction is raised to a very high level.

To create quality understanding and encourage application of standards appropriate education programs are organized. Quality level is raised with systematic and continuous development of processes.

KAMSAN, in line with customer demands, designs and manufactures special machinery, moulds and apparatus conform to ISO 9001  :2008 standards. Taking all necessary decisions with vision and high quality in mind offers complete, perfect and reliable service.


Main operating areas

  • Production of special machines on order,
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanic milling
  • Special gauges and measuring devices for quality control
  • Part and tool fixing equipment
  • Defective product recognition and classification systems for product and quality control.



Kamsan moved to its new location in 2004 which buitt in 5000m2 area and has 2000m2 dosed area



machinery equipment and an environment that is compatible with the human resources



happy and productive staff



ISO 9001: 2000 requirements to be fulfilled